How do you stand out from the other 11 million events held daily?

You need to use all 5 Senses to make it a complete Experience

Are you interested in producing your own event? That awesome, but there is one problem. Today in the United States there are 11 million events and meetings being held. How does yours stand out from the crowd? How do you fill your event seats? It’s a difficult task, especially if you don’t have a large group of raving fans to help. People today are looking for an experience; you entice them to attend using the language to which they respond. Some people are auditory, some visual. You need to look at all 5 senses to ensure your success. What does that look like? Here is a quick rundown:

  1. Sight: Make sure you have a logo or theme to your event that is enticing to your audience. Are you a luxury brand; then use visuals of luxury items (expensive cars; resorts; jewelry). Are you a coach or speaker who works primarily with women? Then make sure your visuals are attractive to the feminine client. Just because you think a picture or color is pretty, doesn’t mean it is right for your Brand. Do your research. Ask your current clients. Don’t have client’s yet? Put it out on Facebook and ask for feedback.
  2. Touch/Feel: When you are buying a product, you touch it correct? You like the feel of a certain material, so you purchase the item. For some people; they need to feel what the experience is all about. When you talk about your event, vocally or in written word, you need to make them feel the transformation THEY will have when they attend. Find the right words and tone when you are inviting them. Remember it is all about THEM! At the event set the mood so the experience is felt before it even begins.
  3. Sound: this goes along with what was said above. When you are inviting your ideal client to the event you need to use the right verbiage and the sound of your voice to entice those auditory clients to understand the complete experience you are inviting them to have . If you are a high energy experience; you need to sound high energy; if you are a financial based product it is important to sound stable and knowledgeable. You need to sound like your Brand. If you don’t know what your brand sounds like, again you need to research it. You may be losing clients in your approach.
  4. Taste/Smell: this is a bit harder to describe in the invitation process. Realtors are great with this sense. They have chocolate chip cookies cooking in the oven at all their open houses. It gives the potential buyers that “homey” feeling. It also makes you want to taste those cookies, and they are always waiting for you on that brand-new granite countertop. If you can use this sense in your event, do it. People love the smell of coffee or a great snack; your participants shouldn’t be scrounging in their bags to something to eat because they are hungry. You have lost them if their stomachs are growling.

At your event, continue the experience. Make sure the visual layout of the room connects with your theme; use music to enhance the auditory senses; if you can play with the lighting, you can set the feel of the room for your audience. Sit down and think hard about what you want the audience to experience the minute they walk into that event. Then do everything you can to make it happen. Take that total look and put it into your invitations. Remember there are all types of people in this world who connect on different levels. If you plan correctly you can make sure Your Ideal Clients are in the room for you to support.

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