They want my Speaker One Sheet: What? Why? HELP!

If you are looking to speak on other people’s stages, interviewed on television, radio or podcasts; you must have a Speaker One Sheet. It is THE most important tool you have in your arsenal to get you booked. As an event producer, I am sent speaker packages all the time. I receive numerous emails from speakers wanting to be a part of my event. There are so many mistakes made (which I will share in a future blog) we don’t have time in this article. I want to start positive in the new year. Every speaker, big or small, has one MUST HAVE promotional tool and that is their One Sheet. I am here to help you make yours start off on the right foot. For those unaware of the One Sheet, what is it and why is it so important and how in the world to I get one?

A Speaker One Sheet is a one-page document that shares your brilliance with event producers, radio, TV, podcast hosts and anyone else interested in hiring you to speak. You can pay to have one produced or you can do it yourself! Follow these tips and check out the bonus below:

  1. A Professional Headshot;  please do not mislead others by putting in a photo from 10 years ago when your hair was a different color, length, style and your body shape has changed. Misrepresent yourself and you will be starting on a negative. Keep the selfies to your social media pages.
  2. Bio: be honest and don’t fill with fluff. Think of all the great things you have done; even if you have only spoken for free at small events, you are a speaker. No one needs to know how many people were in the room or that you were not paid. Just don’t lie and say you have spoken at a large event that people can then research online. It will backfire.
  3. Topics: You need 3 interesting topics that will entice your potential audience to want to attend your presentation. Think about what your “ideal client” wants to know, their pain points and how you can help them relieve that “pain.” The titles should be short; they will be printing up flyers and placing your information on their websites and in workbooks so Keep It Simple. Give them a short rundown of what you will be covering.
  4. Testimonials: find individuals that have heard you speak in the past and ask them to write you a testimonial. Include your top 3.Include their name, title and business. It looks good if you have a past event producer praising your speech and professionalism at their event. Add logos of corporations, groups, events where you have spoken. It looks good on the page and gives you more credibility.
  5. Contact information: make sure they can find you. Is your information on your website? Give them a link to your speaker page. Do you have video of you speaking on that web-page? You should. Your email address, your phone number. Don’t make them look for you, they don’t have the time, they will move onto the next person. Add your social media links so they can do research. Check out these speaker pages…

Make sure you keep your font clean, easy to ready and leave out a lot of strong colors. Make it easy on the eyes for the reader. You can put in your rates, or not. But please don’t put price is negotiable or willing to work for free. Just leave that portion out. When you are established you can then add your rates.

A Completed Imperfect One Sheet is better than None. This process will change as you get better and ore well known. Update it every few months as you speak in new arenas; change up your topics, change your picture if your look changes drastically. Take the stress out of the process, follow the example below and make 2019 your year to be a professional speaker.

**ADDED BONUS:  I want to make this easy for you; go to  Speaker One Sheet Example and make your own!

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