Who is Caruso Signature Events and how we got started.

How it all began.

With one small event ~Caruso Signature Events began to grow into a powerhouse helping client’s get on stage, increase attendance, and make money before the event even began.

Toni Caruso – CEO/Founder

Has over 30 years of event production experience. She also has brilliantly managed & successfully organized events small and large for the entertainment, corporate and business-to-business worlds. Toni has taken her knowledge, skills, experience and brought it to business professionals, so they can help educate, inform, and share their genius live on stage. Her mission is to produce live Signature Events that are exciting, engaging, unique and informative. Each one is a celebration and a unique experience, where business professionals at all levels can connect, collaborate, and learn tools to move their business forward. Her goal is for each attendee to have a true experience where they walk in with a dream and walk out knowing how to make that dream a reality. She wants to support small business owners and entrepreneurs as they share their stories live on stage, which is the fastest way to build and grow their community. She is wife to Keith, Army Mom to Rocky, and advocate for our military worldwide.

Get to know the Caruso Team

How can we help?

No one can do it alone, nor should you when it comes to producing your event.
Let our team of experts help you make your event a success.
We are here to help you every step of the way.

Toni Caruso - CEO/Founder
Lisa Boe - Program Coordinator
Sarah Buxbaum - Celebrate with Sarah
Katrina Garcia - Web/Program Coordinator

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